Our approach

MVP provides funding for UK insurance brokers who wish to release capital but stay in control of their business. We take  a minority stake of 15 – 30% based on market rate valuation and support the management team who continue to run, control and grow their own business.

MVP work with a panel of well known insurers and brokers use the panel to help increase their profit margins.

A Quick Valuation
We use a tried and tested valuation model that enables us to provide a non complex valuation early in the process.

Opportunity for growth
Partnering with MVP gives you the opportunity to grow your business further and increase your income. With our help, within 3 years you can recreate the same level of earnings you had before you sold the minority stake.

We also give you access to unique insurer products and digital marketing  specially developed for provincial insurance brokers that will help generate new business leads for your business.

With increased focus on regulation, MVP can help ensure you are compliant. With specially arranged insurer products that can be clearly shown to be in the customer’s best interests and templates to help with key areas such as complaint handling and claims, brokers working with MVP will be able to show their business model is customer centric from the top down.

What type of insurance brokers choose MVP as their investment partner
Regional brokers whose business is predominantly commercial are ideally suited to the MVP model but each investment will be different and our model is flexible.